Etchings and Drawings

Rembrandt Etchings and Drawings

Rembrandt etchings and drawings were simply something the artist did mainly for pleasure. The majority of these 1400 or so sketches were never signed as they were made for his private use.

Early Drawings
Rembrandt’s early drawings during the 1630’s were usually done in black or red chalk. Years later he preferred to use ink on white paper in combination with brushwork to accent it.

The Eastern Gate at Rhenen displays great architectural detail and perspective. This was one of the more finished drawings in a collection of many that were started but never completed. He continued to make masterful drawings throughout the early as well as mature phases of his career.

An example of one of the few finished portrait drawings can be seen in one of his earlier chalk drawings called Portrait of a Man in an ArmchairSeen Through a Frame. This was considered Rembrandt’s most finished portrait drawing.

Nurse and Eating Child c.1635
Hendrijke Stoffels

Rembrandt often painted the women in his life. A Woman Sleeping thought to be Hendrickje Stoffels is said to be one of his finest; this powerful brush drawing was universally praised.

Rembrandt was one of the few artists who were internationally renowned during his lifetime. He was the first to develop etching to a true artistic medium. His technical skill was unmatched and uniquely versatile.

He used a variety of subjects in his etchings including biblical and religious works, portraits, landscapes and nudes. Rembrandt’s etchings were in great demand during his lifetime. His technique has been a great inspiration to the many artists that came after him.

Many impressive Rembrandt etchings were made in the last few decades of his life. Some of these include the magnificent full-length portrait of Jan Six, the famous Christ Healing the Sick, also known as the 100 Guilder Print, the poetic landscape Three Trees and Christ Preaching.

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